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. >> the 14-year-old is being held at the western maryland children's center now in hagerstown. >>> maryland natural resources police have determined the cause of a death of a man who died in a jet ski accident in the bay. jessica is in the newsroom with details on this. >>> warren smith died from electrocution, it happened sunday evening, around 1 1/2 miles south of the bay bridge. powerful storms moved through the region. investigators say smith and a friend were racing back to avoid the storms when lightning was nearby. it wasn't enough to avoid a direct strike. but enough to kill him. >> summer thunderstorms are coming and can pop up with little or no warning. >>> an unusual criminal case in anne arundel county tonight. police have a suspect in custody. but they are looking for a would-be victim. >>> police say a suspect stole items from a store in the annapolis mall. he appears to try to carjack a woman driving that beige car. he was eventually apprehended by security. but police are looking for the victim in the car. >>> maryland voters consistently rate the environment and the health
if there was a return date on the airline ticket mary purchased for a trip from florida to maryland. they also want to know about any aberration on the number of calls she made to the family home and wanted to know what degree ronald kuntz had in psychology. twice, and jurors in the mary kuntz murder trial in sent questions to the judge. the 60-year-old woman is charged with the june 2009 murder of her estranged husband and the attempted murder of the couple's daughter, kelsey. 66-year-old ronald kuntz was shut -- was shot multiple times at his home. jurors asked for detailed definition of what they call conscious intent. the judge said out of an abundance of caution he gave them the definition of proof of intent. -jurors ask who pays for her psychiatric care if she goes to a mental institution. >> the defense objected to the proof of intent instruction by the judge, saying it was not clear exactly where the jury was in its deliberations. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police have identified a man whose body was found outside of northwest baltimore home. a concerned resident called police after f
to move maryland forward. >> a convicted sex offender is back behind bars. >> bp delays testing on the containment cap. what happens now? i am kate amara in washington. >> two people are indicted in the death of an anne arundel county dentist. >> our area has done quite a bit of rain. we'll see what tony pann has to say as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today in hd. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> tony pann has a quick look at today's forecast. we have done quite a bit of rain. >> anywhere from one to up to four or 5 inches of rain. that is a good thing. we had some minor flooding problems last night. we're making a serious dent into the drought situation we of experience over the last couple of months. there is more rain moving in from western maryland. there will arrive in baltimore later this morning. so take an umbrella. a c
and 236, the left lane is closed. on a bette -- braddock. let's look at maryland. this side of the beltway is quiet. we are at the american legion bridge. metrorail is reporting normal service. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> our top story today, the aftermath of all the strong storms. thousands across the region are in the dark. pepco is reporting 3000 outages mostly in montgomery county. more than 3800 dominion power customers or without electricity. there is damage all across the region. we will have a live report on that a little later. >>> breaking news from wheaton. police are investigating a suspicious death. adamec county police say that a man in his 20s was founded in the 3300 block of randolph road at 1:00 this morning. >>> d.c. police have arrested a convicted killer who confessed to five more murders. the 35 year-old boy was a killing spree spanned six years between 1994 and 2000. all the shootings took place in southeast. he admitted his role in the deadly shootings while spending time in jail for two others. >>> police of intensifying their search for oliver scola aidala s
a successor to the late senator robert byrd. >>> mary kay. >> in the maryland governor's race, a montgomery county woman is bob ehrlich's new running mate. he made the announcement on youtube. mary lives in potomac maryland. she has been director of special projects of the u.s. chamber of commerce since 2008. >>> outrage at arlington cemetery and the army pulls a pledge to ultimate soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. >>> toyota could announce another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. another major recall. >>> mild weather continues. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning. a higher standard of comfort. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers
truck and ambulance are blocking one lane. on the maryland side, 410 closed jones will road, no problems between richmond and baltimore. metrorail is reporting normal service. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> thousands of people will wake up in the dark this morning. pepco is supporting 2000 pilot outages in montgomery county. 1200 and prince george's county. more than 600 in d.c. without power. 2500 customers in northern virginia are without power. >>> let's turn to our top story. commuter chaos on mental's red line. krystl-- on metro's red line. enough is enough with the broken escalator. >> it was not a hot weather that had commuters fired up. >> i said there's no way there would not be one escalator and working. >> if not one of the six escalators at the two entrances to the dupont circle metro stop north. that meant nothing and puffing up 150 stairs. >> apparently they felt it was no big deal. >> the transit agency directed to those in need of help to the one elevator providing service. commuters say it was a long line and a long wait. >> there were a hundred people down there. >>
three suspects are held without bail. >> a maryland troopers is facing child pornography charges. barry simms is a life outside baltimore county police headquarters with more. >> when they ask to the state trooper if they knew why he searched his home and he said, "because of the computer." now he is charged with strobe pornography. the -- with a child pornography. the on-line searches triggered the investigation. in may, they went to his home. the front door still bears the marks where police force it open. no one responded when we try to contact bruce allen tucker. he is charged with possession and distribution of child for receiving a >> there is no indication at this time that he was involved in the taking of pictures or that he was actually depicted in any of the images with these children. >> police arrested tucker friday. on a laptop in his home, they found more than three house and images of children engage in sexual acts, tied up or partially nude. they range from two years of age up to 14 years old. >> he caught not -- he could not offer any real reason. he basically told the
. in the mountains, 75 degrees. gorgeous sunshine here in the heart of central maryland, 86 degrees. a little breezy. it will feel quite comfortable. one of the few nice days a week have had for july. only a few days this month have been below 90 degrees. 85 degrees on the shore. we have a small craft advisory until noon today. consistent out of the north at 20 knots. we may reach the normal highs today. we will be around '85 or '86. we will be in that range downtown. the record, we are nowhere near that today. clear skies tonight. 60 in the outline areas. 66 downtown. we had this nice front that moved through last night. cool air collided with the warm humid air mass. eventually, it will move off shore for sunday. we could see some showers and storms by sunday. a great 48 hours. sunny today and mostly sunny tomorrow. not humid at all. a good chance of the scattered showers and storms on sunday. the heat and committed the returns by next tuesday -- the heat and humidity returns by next tuesday. >> companies offering to sell your credit card balance is now have a new rule to borrow. they can no longe
are dead, including one american. and maryland teenager was hurt in the blast. we are live with developments. >> a 16-year-old was among the more seriously injured. she was part of a church group watching the world cup when the blast erupted. victims of the terror attack are struggling to understand how a night of triumph ended in tragedy. the target was a popular ethiopian restaurant and a crowded sports field. among the dead are a 25-year-old american. at least six other americans were injured, including a 16- year-old from maryland. she and her grandmother planned to return to maryland tomorrow. the girl was in the restaurant in the blast occurred and now she is in a hospital in johannesburg. a 32-year-old man who is recovering in hospital. >> at the beginning of the second. there was this big explosion. most of the victims were ugandan. >> they did not do this for nothing. >> the obama administration has condemned the attack and a spokesperson said that an fbi team is on the ground and it has pledged its support as the investigation continues. >> members of congress are
morning in a row, western maryland, west virginia. eastern shore, upper 50s and right at the atlantic beaches, it's a cool morning but a terrific day under way with a clear sky. we'll have lots of sunshine, we certainly do need pran. it does not appear we're going to have any chance of rain all the way into next week as this enormous area of high pressure will give us plenty of sunshine today and tomorrow. the low humidity will be in place through sunday and heating trend as we get into the weekend. highs today low 80s, mid-90s on the fourth of july. getting humid next week. >>> as we get under way, hard to tell from this picture, authorities were responding to an accident on the beltway inner loop. we'll look around and see what we can see. elsewhere over on the beltway, prince george's county on the inner loop and outer loop, they are still picking up the overnight road work. we're doing pretty well as friday morning gets under way. >> we are following a breaking story out of center vil, virginia, a fire ungulfed a house. look at this house. flames can be seen shooting through the r
. a graduate of the university of maryland. he has a degree in computer science technology. that he worked for a delivery service and had access to customer databases and used that information to select his targets. they say he lived in the neighborhood where the murders happened. they say he is currently in jail held on unrelated federal gun charges, his home was raided last year and 50 guns seized. two nurses, their two teenage daughters, two double murders in the largo neighborhood less than two months apart. now after months and months of investigation, prince george's county police have identified a potential suspect. this is half of the file. 14 binders, records of countless interviews. they're confident about the evidence in this case. >> in our opinion it has been a solid case, it is a solid case. >> reporter: the double-double murders happened in january 2009 and march 2009. detectives anthony shartner, bernie nelson, on this case from the beginning, working nonstop, no vacation, no holidays for them. sources say they have linked this potential suspect to an arson and murder in bo
in the day developing story. maryland state police are on the manhunt for suspect that they say let a traffic stop in annapolis. he was pulled over a long easter group 50. he hopped out of the car and ran into a wooded areas south of south haven road. the billy the unidentified man maybe our. if a police helicopter and dogs were seen as searching the neighborhood. officials have not provided a description of the suspect. tonight, three men are recovering after two separate shootings in west baltimore. that happened around 2:00 a.m. there were stopped at franklin avenue in -- franklin street and pennsylvania avenue. one man is in critical condition and the other is expected to survive. the second she was around 11:30 a.m. on shields place -- the second shooting was around 11:30 a.m. he was shot several times. if you have intermission, you are asked to call the baltimore city police. -- if you had any information, you are asked to call. bp reports progress on putting a larger cap. if this works, it could mean significant improvements on containing the oil spewing from the damage to break. lee a
. >>> our hottest spot in the heat wave is frederick, maryland. 106 yesterday afternoon. that is hotter than phoenix or las vegas. we did manage to find a few people walking along the streets of this historic city. >> shocking because like air- conditioning then you are suddenly outside. you don't realize it at first but then when you are walking, wow. >> frederick was not the hottest place in the country. that title goes to death valley, california which hit 116 degrees. >>> a tough time for commuters around philly. a train heading for trenton stalled last night leaving more than 1500 passengers on board with no power or air- conditioning for 30 minutes. today more trouble for people trying to get to work. septa reported a dozen trains delayed while new jersey transit canceled several trains because of the heat. >>> usually extreme weather in buffalo, new york, means feet of snow and below zero temperatures. the city is baking in the heat. the temperature hit 90 today for the first time in three years. tomorrow it's expected to be hotter. >>> go to myfoxdc.com for tips on keeping cool. we w
and wires down. the outer loop in maryland, 95 getting to georgia avenue, the crash is gone. let's look at a quiet ride on the beltway between 270 and the american legion bridge. we are live at river road. if in virginia, on the inner loop and springfield after the robinson terminal, now on the shoulder. the left lane is blocked with deep water between braddock road and 236. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> the national park service has completed a long-term plan for restoring the national mall. some key elements include improvements if to the general condition and appearance. also, they plan to provide new bicycle lanes of, improve the field for softball, soccer, tical. and improvements to restrooms, water, and information services. >>> important news this morning for passengers stranded on a high train for hours without air-conditioning last month. the maryland transit administration says passengers five trains 538 on that date are eligible for five vip day passes, each good for one round trip. passengers must fill out a form on the mta website by august 13. >>> 6:12 on this wednesd
50s by wake-up time tomorrow morning. and then climbing quickly into the 60s. maryland, plaque top hills, orchard, dropped down to 52 degrees. right now it is an even 70 degrees in fire department. great falls, virginia, great te. 75 after a 55-degree start this morning. and even gaithersburg. i mentioned al going to see a very substantial warming trend next weekend. here's why. like the temperature in the high plains. when bismarck, north dakota, is nosing in on 100 degrees, that's about two or three days away from us. the warm air comes up over the ridge of high pressure that's been steering our weather very effectively, bringing the cool air in on the front end of it. pushing the tropical storm and eventually hurricane alex all the way into part of mexico. lot of moisture across texas and louisiana. that area of high pressure which pushed alex out. it will open up the flood gate to bringing in an enormous. a humidity as we get into the middle part of next week. no rain in the forecast. a couple of showers across the carolinas and georgia. the heavy industrial strength rains down
say a 35-year-old man has confessed to killing ale local restoration artist in maryland. how police caught up with the alleged killer. >> anything that is in this world on an artistic level -- >> reporter: in an interview taped for the asian media outlet, the 45-year-old naimi oiz described her love for the arts. after graduating, her mow said naimi spent the rest of her life traveling the word, studying paintings and restoring them for famous clients. but on monday, d.c. police found her body stabbed, beaten with broken ribs, lying in an alley in northwest d.c. >> this this is a heinous, violent act. and this man is off the street right now and that the point we'll continue to investigate it. >> reporter: prosecutors say this man, 35-year-old raymond williams, admitted to killing naimi in her art studio in rockville sunday night and dumping the body wrapped in a blanket in d.c. police linked william to the crime by using surveillance footage captured at naimi's studio. only will yip was seen coming out. >> they were able to use images of the suspect and have him identified by i bel
of western maryland, a little better on the eastern shore, low 70s. over the last 12 hours the high pressure that was over us has moved off the coast as a result winds are shifting into the south and southeast. that is bringing in the increased humidity and that will be with us here throughout the day today as the heat builds too. we will have that heat index up to around 105 by mid afternoon. keep that in mind and definitely the best idea, stay in the ac. as we have those temperatures hovering around 100 this afternoon. then overnight tonight, not much of a break through the evening. it will be near 90 by mid evening. by dawn tomorrow, the low to mid 80s, a really hot start on saturday morning. during the day on saturday, we'll have it even hotter. temperatures should maybe even exceed 100 degrees saturday afternoon. will probably easily break the record. tomorrow's record is 96 set on that date in 1986. in fact, tomorrow's record high of 96 is the coolest record high in july. we'll probably break that tomorrow. the heat index on saturday will get to 110. and then on sunday, should be a bit
today. >>> there is some good news for maryland residents. water restrictions for montgomery and prince georges counties were finally lifted last night. the storm knocked out power to the plant in potomac for 12 hours. it took several hours to get the plant back online. >> that was the good news. bad news, power outages are affecting many montgomery schools this morning. 59 buildings are still without power. there will be no summer classes, summer camps, recreation programs or meal programs at those buildings today. for an updated list visit the montgomery county school system's website. >>> stay with us throughout the morning for the latest power outage numbers and how it will affect your commute. you can find the latest information at nbcwashington.com. >>> today we may learn what caused the deadliest crash in metro history. national transportation safety board is meeting with investigators before holding a final vote on the probable cause of the redline crash. the boorld issue recommendations on how metro can avoid a similar tragedy in the future. last june, nine people were killed w
they there may still be more victims. news 4's tracee wilkins has more from langley park, maryland. >> reporter: prince george's county coupolice are describing these suspects as predators, saying they're preying on folks and betraying their most sacred trust, as police. >> anytime it's a cowardly act. >> reporter: police say that's exactly what these two men did in langley park 3:30 sunday morning. >> badges, of course police written across their clothing. they were dressed in police duty gear. and just led the victims to believe that they were police officers. >> reporter: prince george's county police say 24-year-old bl daniel baylock and 20-year-old kennedy ventura attacked and robbed two people in on 15th avenue in lngley park after distracting them by pretending to be cops. police say the men, who are believed to work as security guards, were in a black suv with flashing green strobe lights. most of the people who live in this section of langley park are nonenglish-speaking immigrants, who have just come to america and are learning the way that our police department works. making them per
. >> crews are also working away in white oak, maryland. they are trying to restore power to a 69,000 volt line and when that's done, it will mean the power is back on for thousands of homes. we have more coverage at wusa9.com. just click on extras for the links to local outage maps and a slide show of a lot of the damage across our region. >>> you can probably see that the humidity is back. devon is out on the terrace sweating it out with your forecast first. >> the heat and humidity back in full force today. it was 52 for a high. it was going 93, close to that and we are very warm tonight. temperatures, a will the of us, lower 90s and mid 90s out there. let's go to our thursday morning forecast. there might be a shower here or there, but it's very warm and humid. temperatures, it's all about the daytime hours thursday. possibly strong to even severe thunderstorms are going to be moving through. it's the big question of exactly when they will come through. count the timing down well in our forecast. we'll have that complete outlook coming up in a few minutes. >> an update to a story we
for governor of maryland, because bob ehrlich, governor of maryland, chose michael steele to be his running mate, and he will be pilloried because michael steele is being w attacked by every republican, including charles krauthammer. this was the judgment you have, to choose michael steele? >> this does not help barack obama. his poll numbers still sting. >> absolutely. republicans should be rampant, but michael steele has them back on their heels. -- republicans should be trying that, but michael still has them back on their heels. right now, "politico" is saying that republicans are more likely than not to pick up the house. we changed that this week, and michael steele's distracting is hurting their fundraising. >> this is the republicans have everything at their backs. the economy, discontent with obama, the gulf oil spill, everything. they keep stepping on it. they have michael steele, they have done better comparing -- they have john boehner comparing the financial crisis to an ant and the congressman who made mistakes -- >> joe barton. >> joe barton -- i don't want to remember -- >>
.o.v. violators during the morning and evening rush hours on interstates across maryland and virginia. in the first h.o.v. awareness day back in may officers pulled over nearly 1,000 violators and arrest -- two fugitives. >>> another big story this morning, frightening moments on board a flight from dulles out west. dozens of passengers were injured when the flight to los angeles hit unexpected turbulence. and gurvir has the latest on what happened. >> reporter: the flight was over kansas city when it was hit by extreme turbulence, tossing passengers and crew members around. passengers say the plane took a great dip and described it as an up and down motion. 30 people were injured, most had bruises, whiplash, strains and sprains but some people did have to be hospitalized. others were treated at the scene. here is what one passenger said happened. >> all of a sudden the plane dropped probably 20-30 feet. i saw at least two people hit the ceiling. the girl in front of me two rows, i saw her hit the ceiling and slam back down. luckily i had my seat belt on. >> reporter: after everybody
of traffic between the beltway and seminary road at duke street. where did everybody go? let's go to maryland. to the outer loop is running a speech at new hampshire ave. we will keep an eye on this side of the building. newschopper 7 will join us in a little while. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> d.c. police are investigating a double shooting in southeast overnight. one victim shot in the 3500 block of 19th street and the second victim shot in the 3400 block of stanton road. both transported to the hospital and one of them in grave condition. if no suspects or motives. >>> we turn to a major cold war style trade. tens eyes are heading back to moscow in exchange for four people accused of betraying russia. we are learning more about what is going on behind the scenes in all of this. -- 10 spies getting back to moscow. >>> >> the 10 are on the way back to russia in return for four military and intelligence officers held by russia accused of spying for the west. some of these individuals are in poor health. prosecutors say that the 10 people never collected sensitive information but the cas
george's, arlington and fairfax county and eastern shore mid-70s. in the mountains of western maryland woe're in the mid-60s. we've had the showers and thundershowers exiting the area coming from an area of low pressure that is rotating east of cape hatteras at that time and giving us an easterly flow. it's still going to be humid, reaching 90 or so. we have a small chance of an afternoon thundershower. greater chance later tonight. jerry, how's the traffic? >> very quiet start to the friday morning commute, along 270 southbound from germantown past rockville to the split, starting off quietly. in northern virginia, 95 northbound up to 395, moving along without delay. pretty light volume so far. >> thanks, very much. it's been 12 days since vanessa pham was found in her wrecked overturned car. police have no motive or suspects. officers are reaching out to the community for help. darcy spencer reports. >> reporter: fairfax county police go door to door distributing flyers in the vanessa pham murder investigation. she was found dead in her car a week and a half ago. police are going to
this weekend. >> we are now living here in the city of baltimmreeand the state of maryland. it's an opportunity for us to exprrss ourselves. for ussdancing is like prayer i3 motion. for ussto give thanks to thh creatorr the way we ove and the -ay we sttp has a meaning and purpose. we are rrally showing our teachiig whether ii be from a small childrrn to even at an oller age. it's a way to give people individualiallvisually what we ú ú% reporter: can youugive s a taste of what theyycan expect gg for it. -7 ♪3 ♪. >> reporter: the 36th annual pow-wow and native american festival is at the maryland fairgrouuds on saturday and -unday. for more information log on to foxbaltimore.com/morning. it looks like it may be a wet weekend. anooher warm one, 90 degrees -aturday and sunday. ú%chance f shhwers on saturday, but this is an indoor event so a good chance to be indoors. there's a a little bit of rain weekend to come out and p>> we're gettinggmore rain today. i donnt know if that is legend or not, we may have to ask them if there'sssuch a thing as rain dance. we re look forwarr to more rri
. our guest is an attorney for the american civil liberties union of maryland. maryland law requires here, david, consent from all parties where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. why would there be an expectation of privacy on a public road? >> there plain and simply isn't any expectation of privacy. and i think it's important to remember here that it's a public official who was performing his official duty in public who is claiming that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. and every court that has ever considered that question has said that such officials do not have an expectation of privacy. what we have here is a really extraordinary abuse of power both by the police and by the state's attorney's office that's charging mr. graber. >> and what gets me is that in many cases you have dash camera video now rolling during every traffic stop so that a person is recorded on the side of the road. how is it fair for the cops to do it but not fair for a private citizen to do it? >> that's exactly right. in fact, the maryland state police have those dash cams by virtue of
doppler radar in maryland. it's heading through central baltimore. the expressway could be getting wet. a little heavier shower pushing across the central sections of the city. it looks like we have another spot of showers just randallstown. we will watch this push through the area. there is more down southern maryland. the wide view indicates that we are looking at a very charged atmosphere with a good chance of storms especially this afternoon. 77 is the current temperature reading but the heat index into the lower 80s. definitely going to be a sticky and uncomfortable day. we're making another run for the 90s. 93 is the 2-degree guarantee but the humidity will make it feel like 100. some strong storms firing up this afternoon and this evening. taking you to the west and westminster, 92. good chance of strong thunderstorms. you need the rain for the farms and eastern shore, you and will get the showers and storms making it to about 94 in easton. look at the heat wave, 95 dropping the humidity a bit tomorrow. 97 on friday. and 99 on saturday, could reach 100 in some back yards. here i
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to me, it's eun yang -- 75 in washington and 70 degrees in maryland.ffd, virgin manassas. you can see on the radar, rain showers marching into central ohio and eastern kentucky, part of a weather disturbance sliding our direction. there will be a chance for showers late this afternoon. west of the blue ridge and west virginia here in town, our rain chances don't sneak up until about the time the sun goes down. sn sunshine this morning and tomorrow will be the best chance for rain, two different chances, once first thing in the morning and another with the daytime heating later in the day. rain chances will taper on on wednesday. thursday will be the day we all get to complain about with a temperature up near 95 degrees. one day at 95 isn't the same as two days over 100 like last week. >> that is for sure. let's see how we're doing. those of you coming in from the west, interstate 66, no early worries, if you're heading eastbound that looks good all the way out. let's see how we're doing against new york avenue and north capitol street. travel lanes are open. wilson bridge and fine is
, maryland, last year. police believe he used his job to pick his victims and track them down. pat collins has more on this. >> reporter: jim, they say he youed a computer to help target his victims, a thief, a robber, a killer, linked to five murders in prince george's county and possibly other crimes in other places. at a table inside police headquarters, part of the team that worked this double-double murder case, the potential suspect described as a monster. >> i think we will go down as one of the most foul criminals and murderers in the history of the united states of america. >> reporter: this investigation went on for more than a year and a half. tonight we learn more about this person of interest. since he hasn't been charged we can't say his name but sources say he is 27 years old, a graduate of the university of maryland, that he has a degree in computer science technology, that he worked for a delivery service and had access to customer databases, that he used that information to select his targets. they say he lived in the neighborhood where the murders happened. they say he's
out to sea. you can see the spin in the atmosphere the lingering showers were across southern maryland. those are gone now. the skies are mostly clear. we'll have a decent sunrise. 94 for your high. 93 in baltimore. 94 for your high in town. 95 in fredricksburg. that's it for your weather more coming up in just a bit. >>> take a look at traffic. >> not so bad if you traveling between college park and over night we had a tree coming down. so, again, mass av shutdown until further notice. meanwhile, if you're making the trip along i-95 still in good shape. the pace running at speed. the beltway inner loop also at speed between an nondale and -- no problems to report on the outer, police have put the flashing lights are coming southbound. they are checking for disabled vehicle it was reported on the inner loop. so they're looking. we'll keep an eye on this camera for you and keep you posted if we find anything on our next report. that's a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. >>> new this morning a construction worker was killed in an accident by a coworker. this happened on pennsylvania av
a little volume northbound as you commute north to springfield. maryland, so far so good. american legion bridge, outer loop, inner loop, all is well. joe, pat? >> thanks very much, jerry. >>> well, with just a day left in july, it's already become the deadliest month for u.s. forces in afghanistan. overnight, we learned three more u.s. service members have been killed. a nato statement released earl i didn't this morning says the measures died in two separate blasts. those three deaths bring the u.s. death toll in afghanistan to at least 63 according to the associated press. that's the largest number in one month in the history of the nearly nine year war. >>> we're following a developing story out of california this morning. that's where firefighters are trying to get a handle on a blaze it that has scorched more than 2,000 acres overnight in los angeles county. the blaze broke out yesterday afternoon and quickly spread over seven square miles. about 1200 homes were under a mandatory evacuation orders last night, but so far none of the homes has been damaged. another massive fire near t
-- one minute. one minute to our great majority leader, congressman hoyer of maryland. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i'm pleased to follow my friend, congressman manzullo, in speaking about the importance of making it in america. . it's not about manufacturing in america, it's about succeeding in america. to make sure that america is the vibrant engine of our economy and the international economy. making things not only for americans but for all the world. and i thank mr. manzullo for his comments. americans have always looked to the manufacturing sector as a source of economic vitality and as a source of pride. and i want to thank mr. rush, who has been an outstanding leader in this congress on behalf of growing our economy, jobs for americans, good paying, good benefits for all americans. america has long prided itself in a country that makes things, and democrats and i know my republicans -- republican friends are committed to making sure that is true in the future. america agrees on the importance
the august recess. >>> a dead heat in the maryland governor's race. a new poll shows former republican gov. bob ehrlich leading martin o'malley 47-46. 5% are undecided. >>> still ahead, an emergency push to keep the power on. we will tell you who is behind it and why supporters say it is so important. >>> there's more rain on the lead and we need it. >>> there's more rain on the lead and we need it. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. i catake one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia. >>>> 6:10 on this tuesday morning. it is damn about side, which is good because we need mo
. >>> the republican challenger in the race for maryland governor is it going back to the campaign trail after being sidelined by minor surgery. a spokesman for bob ehrlich said that he underwent a procedure for his back and his neck. he said it was an old college football injury. he was a linebacker and was captain of the princeton university football team. >>> honors for local u.s. marshal injured in the line of duty. jason maciel of the district was one of five marshals honored with the purple heart yesterday. he was stabbed in the head and right arm by a prisoner at d.c. superior court in january. he has made a full recovery. >>> switching gears, 78 degrees outside, time for traffic and weather. >> let's see how the weather is shaping up with adam caskey. >> it is not the brightest day. we have some clouds moving through. some clouds moving to the northwest. this picture is looking east. a little brightness' creeping through. the sunrise is a little after 6:00. 80 degrees in arlington with a dew point of 72. very muggy. we have a cold front moving in later today. that will trigger showers and th
before us today was introduced by congressman john sarbanes of maryland along with myself and representatives frank wolf, gerry connolly of virginia, jim moran of virginia, dutch ruppersberger of maryland and danny davis of illinois back in march of 2009. the bill was then amended and ordered reported favorably by our subcommittee on march 24 and again shortly thereafter by the oversight and government reform committee on april 14, 2010. madam speaker, despite the evolving nature of the way the federal government conducts its affairs, fellow work, which allows an employee to regularly perform work from a remote location other than their usual workplace continues to be underutilized by federal agencies. experiences that demonstrated that the private and public sector employers who utilize telework experienced increased productivity and retention rates. more specifically, the u.s. patent and trademark office and the defense information systems agency have successfully used telework programs which show potentially how telework can transform and enhance agencies' customers ser
in maryland, from 95 to 280, finding drivers are moving at speed. route 4, 5 and 301, i want you to know we don't anticipate problems on those roadways and moving in to dc, south capitol street and the suitland parkway, notice we have lanes wide open. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. >>> as howard said, today is expected to be another triple digit temperature day along the entire east coast. yesterday's extreme highs led to several problems across our region. several of you were left to face the heat and humidity inside of your homes because of widespread power outages. right now, more than 3200 pepco customers still have no power. the company says the high demand for power led to the outages. >>> and the heat led to several problems on trains if the northeast and mid-atlantic. the worst problem, it involved a new jersey-bound train which stranded 1500 passengers for 25 minutes when it lost power. the crew restored power long enough to get the train in the station and passengers were put aboard other trains. amtrak had 15 minute delays between baltimore and washington because two commuter
. >>> in maryland, a bank robbery suspect lead police on a wild chase in montgomery county before getting shot. officers chased the suspect into a damascus neighborhood, down a dirt road and into corn fields. fox 5 sherri ly has details. >> reporter: that bank robbery suspect turned the wrong direction when he ended up on this dead end street. police say he raced into these corn feels but there was nowhere to go. earlier in the day, police say the suspect robbed two pnc banks, one in germantown, the other about an hour later in damascus. police spotted the suspect's vehicle and began to chase him down bowman acres lane into corn fields. investigators say the car came out of the corn fields with the suspect driving at an officer. that officer then fired hitting the suspect. the car ended up across the street in a neighbor's yard. earlier police said they lost the suspect twice but it was witnesses who got them on the right track. >> at least one witness, civilian witness, followed the suspect for a certain period of time during this chase and that is how citizens were able to point police in th
oversight or regulation of much of that transit traffic. >> maryland's barbara mikulski put forth legislation in the senate to bring subways for safety purposes; however, another member of the senate put a secret hold on the bill. because it's a secret hold, we're not sure who it is, although oklahoma republican tom coburn's name was mentioned and barbara mikulski thinks it's him and is going to make a personal appeal to him as a physician,ing it's a safety and health issue. coburn is a famous fiscal conservative and is worried about the growth in government and we don't know for sure but she's going to make a person will appeal to release the bill if it gets through the senate. democrats in the house would have no trouble passing that legislation. >> and we know you'll stay on top of that. >>> the maryland agency overseeing workplace safety issued two citations to metro, finding four violations while investigating the death of two metro rail workers. they were run over on the tracks in january when a maintenance truck backed into them. the agency said metro did not follow the rul
maryland does not want police officers to quiz people here about the immigration status. this is a sanctuary city. and written in the city's legal code it says "no agent, officer or employee of the city shall assist the united states bureau of immigration and customs enforcement in the investigation or arrest of any person for civil or criminal violation of immigration and nationality laws of the united states." it's against the law to be in the u.s. illegally. supporters say they want the local police to focus on solving crime and leave the immigration work to federal authorities. >> sanctuary cities are saying we are not going to pre-empt the federal government. it's the fall government's responsibility. >> now that obama administration sued arizona over the immigration law permitting officers ask a person of air immigration status during other enforcement duties like a traffic stop, some are asking why cities get a pass for ignoring the immigration law. >> arizona law is in compliance with the federal law. the justice department should stay out of it and encourage ari
: the view from curtis in pensacola, florida. republican line. jeremy, annapolis, maryland. do you have faith in president obama and/or congress? what do you think? hello, jeremy? go ahead, paul, from annapolis. caller: how are you doing? i definitely have faith in president obama. i think the american people are too impatient. to make a change in our economy and country -- to expect that it could be done in less than a year, or a year, it is just ridiculous. host: what is your own situation in terms of jobs and the economy and that kind of thing, and what do you make of folks who might be jobless, losing homes, can't get loans? caller: the actual -- 75%. think that the solution is to totally they'll a year and a half and -- bail a year-and-a-half in and say a whole year and half north dakota largest economic cataclysm -- a whole year and a half in the largest economic cataclysm. host: now i have jeremy on the line, republican. caller: yes, i am. to your two previous callers, the first one, curtis, if you are so dissatisfied with the va system, you can take an inner tube and flew to cuba and
than the home. host: glenn bernie, maryland. on our line for republicans. caller: i'm a 62-year-old diabetic that has been out of work for 18 months. my unemployment is gone. i am considering applying for social security but i could not live on that. what qualifies you for medicaid? guest: it varies by state. i am not too familiar with maryland. maryland tends to be one of the, i think, one of the higher- income states. if you are a single woman with no children it depends on the income level. i think it is 100% of poverty. if you are unemployed, that counts as income, but if you are below 100% of the poverty level and you apply, there is an asset test. if you have an expensive house, a lot of money in the bank, that might not work. every state has different qualifications, different thresholds. call the state of maryland resource office and apply. if you have been unemployed in your assets have diminished, you probably have a reasonably good chance. to be honest, you have a much better chance if you have children. host: does every state have the same party line figure? guest: y
year. what do you think? maryland, good morning. caller: the biggest supporters for the volt but of be ball in venezuela, iraq, iran, the people that are scared of americans coming at them and sending blackwater to plant bombs and kill 600,000 people like they did in iraq, which they continue to do. our water is turning black in the gulf just because god is punishing us for what we did over there by looking the other way when blackwater was killing all of those people, which they continue to do. all of these bombs in pakistan and iraq, oil for blackwater. it will save us from doing that for the world. i hope to god that this is a great success. it will save the world on the monsters we have created. host: thank you. "$41,000, that is more than i over my house. i would purchase a segue first before i spend that much of my car." who has insurance, who does not have health insurance? looking at a state-by-state breakdown, the number of uninsured in massachusetts is 435,000, washington, d.c., 65,000, ohio is that 1.1 million, virginia is of around 1 million, california is a 6.4 m
rossville, maryland. it registered a magnitude of 3.6. right now, there are no reports of any damage. senate hearings were start at the end of the month on the release of the convicted lockerbie bomber. he was let out of a british prison as you'll recall after doctors said he only had about three months to live because of terminal cancer. well, now doctors say he might live another 10 years. the senate foreign relations committee also wants to know more about b.p. who was lobbying apparently for his release. b.p. has a deal with libya for oil drilling off its coast. a replacement for the late west virginia senator robert byrd is expected to be announced this afternoon at 2:00 eastern time. he died in office last month. governor joe mansion says the pick will be temporary. among the possibilities are soon-to-be federal judge nick casy and former governor gaston caperton. the legislature is considering a special election in november. mansion says it's highly likely he'll run. the sooner a new senator from west virginia can get to washington, the sooner unemployment benefits will be restored to
. our congressional correspondent is here. you went to that district on the eastern shore of maryland? >> yeah. this is maryland a 's first congressional district, republican leaning but the democrat frank kratovil won in 2008. he'll likely face a familiar opponent in republican andy harris. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: what a difference a year and a half makes. but will it make a difference here? this is one of the most competitive congressional races in the country and republicans say if they're going to pick up the seats they need to take back control of the house of representatives, they must win here. in 2008 democrat frank kratovil beat republican andy harris, a state senator. but just barely, by less than 1% of the vote. and 2010 looks like a rematch. this is a time when politically it's pretty difficult to be a democrat. >> it is but, you know, this has always been kind of a middle of the road district. >> reporter: that's why kratovil talking here with local manufacturers is emphasizing his independence. >> we have to
home in his green 1996 mercedes but his family doesn't know where he was going. the car has maryland tags 172- azs. anyone seeing the car is asked to call 911. >>> the obama administration is suing the state of arizona. the justice department claims the state's controversial new immigration law goes too far. >> the outcome of the lawsuit could affect policies brewing if other states. doug luzader with those details now. >> reporter: this is going to be a huge test case, not just for arizona but for other states as well that argue the federal government is not doing its job. arizona police haven't even started enforcing the state's new immigration law and the justice department wants to make sure it never happens. in a lawsuit against the state, the feds argue that in our constitutional system, the federal government has preimminent authority to regular immigration matters and brought a quick rebuke from the arizona governor. >> i've very disappointing. i think it's wrong and we'll meet with them and push back and fight as hard as we can and i believe we'll win the lawsuit. >> reporte
they are limiting their opportunities to drive. so what we should do is look at states like maryland that have a graduated driver's license program for all new drivers regardless will of what age they are. >> we want to stop the joyriding and the kind of attitude that teens are going to get in the car with six of their friends like we've seen in the horrible horrendous accidents and take down the road and go through a stop sign and everyone dies in the car. that is what we want to try to stop. >> which is why banning cellphone use while driving and banning texting is a top priority for senator klobuchar. the stand up act forces states that do not restrict cellphone use while driving to lose federal highway funding. >> no matter what age, 23 times more likely to get in an accident if you are texting and no text is worth dying for. i find out our staff about talking about one guy who i adore who has championship texting while he drove and i'm driving with him and he is texting and it was way back when we had one seat in the senate controlled the balance in the senates. and i say so we are all wo
in maryland and virginia. state and local police will be cracking down on drivers. authorities will be out in full force during the morning and evening rush hour. during a similar campaign in may, police issued tickets to more than two hundred drivers. >>> the warning. for arlington red light cameras is over. starting today, if you get caught, you will receive a $50 ticket. the cameras have been in place for one month and they are located on -- at three locations. we will be back with another news update at 8 -- at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8. this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now. garage cleaning runs on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. with
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